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Website Hosting

For small businesses, getting a website that works can be tough. Whilst there are many different options and problems one of the most important steps is getting a suitable Web Host and the necessary supporting systems.

The basic cost of website hosting,


Per year, as broken down below.

Domain Name

Your web address is the first contact potential customers have with you, and we understand how important first impressions are.

So, along with the usual top-level domains, such as .com,, .eu and .org, we also offer the new generic extensions to help you stand out from the crowd. These extensions such as .club, .xyz, .london or .today, give your business a name that’s easily remembered which fits you perfectly and helps you attract attention.

If you are a UK based small business and it is available you we would recommend you start with your .uk or anyway. / / .uk – £9 per year

.eu / .com – £15 per year

Should you need other options please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your needs (there are lots of the new tld’s).

Website Hosting 

Our Default hosting is done through a Cloud Platform.

Our platform is arranged in clusters with distributed resources and no single point of failure. Its robust architecture is designed to give you maximum uptime with the power and reliability your business needs.

Built on the latest server hardware and technology, our robust cloud hosting platform is based in a state-of-the-art secure UK data centre for speed, quality, and complete peace of mind.

This is a good starting point for most people.

£10 per month (billed annually @ £120)

But dependent on the number of visitors you have coming to your website and the suitability of services like a CDN (Content Delivery Network). You may well need to go on to a mote suitable platform.

There are many choices like higher dedicated resources on a Cloud Platform or even a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated Server.

Should you feel that your needs are already at a higher level please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss why and what you would need.

Recommended Add-ons

These are some of the addons that we would normally recommend for any website.

They help with SEO, Reputation, Customer Confidence, Credibility and form the basis of best practice.

SSL Certificate – From £75 per year

Providing essential peace of mind for both website owners and visitors, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates offer data protection and increase browsing confidence for your visitors.

Having an SSL certificate shows your visitors you have a trustworthy online presence.

SiteLock – From £65 per year

These are like Anti Virus / Anti Malware for your website. Alerting you to any problems and potential problems early so that it can be dealt with quickly.

This comes with a Site Seal so that your visitors can verify that you are protected and take security seriously and so increase browsing confidence for your visitors.

Blacklist Monitoring – From £60 per year

As well as scanning your website for potential problems this also checks the blacklists of search engines, spam/DNS blocks, and anti-virus/malware systems.

Checking your website against top blacklists such as Google Phishing, SpamCop, Malware Patrol, and our built-in reputation list, you can find out if your site has been marked as unsafe. Then work with the blacklists to ensure your website’s reputation is back where it should be.

Other Options 

We also offer other options on an as needed basis. These include CDN (Content Delivery Network), Premium Email System like Google Apps for Business and hosted MS Exchange.

Should you have specific requirements please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your needs.